Creating Your Own Photo Booth Backdrop

Why Create Your Own Photo Booth Backdrop?

If you are throwing a party, knowing how to create your own photo booth backdrop can help you out a lot, particularly in your photos. You can customize it in any way you want and decorate it in a manner that you think will best fit your decors. You can use colors and other details that you have applied throughout your venue. So, every bit of element present in your event will come together and make one unified look. 

Aside from that, creating your own backdrop gives you more freedom and control to achieve the photos you want. And, because you designed and made it on your own, it becomes more personal. Thus, when you look back on the photos years from now, you will feel more attached to them and they will mean more to you.

On the other hand, if you are into photography and in the photo booth hire business, it can be incredibly helpful when you can create your own backdrop or offer photobooth discounts to people. This allows you versatility and more options for your customers since you can make a backdrop specifically for their event. So, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, school dance, or nightclub party, you can make sure that you have the backdrop that can match what your client is planning.

Photo Booth as a Marketing Tool for Your Corporate Event In Melbourne

Having a photo booth at your corporate event ensures that each of your clients and customers will have fun. It is the perfect addition to your party as it allows everybody to be entertained and encourage them to just enjoy. And, it is suitable for any age and gender. So, with it, you can have every attendee to participate and let loose. Guaranteed, even the shyest and the quietest person in the room will have a blast posing in front of the camera.

Aside from making sure everyone has a great time, a photo booth can also help you in marketing. How? Well, you can customize a photo booth to put your logo, brand, and hashtag on each photo that will be taken and printed. This helps you market your brand by easily turning the people in your event as brand ambassadors.

Factors to Consider

Before we discuss how to create your own photo booth backdrop, there are a few things to consider. First, there’s portability. It’s not exactly practical to make holes or any marks on an existing wall on your home or any reception space that you are renting. So, what we have listed below can be set up and put down without damaging any property. 

Then, we have factored in the difficulty level. It’s more likely that not everyone can drill a hole or work with a hammer. So, we have put together some of the most simple and easy steps on creating a backdrop that just about anyone can do. if the following steps tourn out to be too hard to follow, you might wanna buy a pre-made backdrop styles or even go with a photobooth green screen.

How to Create Your Own Photo Booth Backdrop?

Start with a blank solid-colored canvass. Usually, a board, curtain, or fabric will work just fine. You can choose any color – white, black, pink, blue – anything you want. Just make sure that it measures at least 6 feet X 4 feet or larger. Now, unless you go with the board, make sure you have two pieces as you need to create a layer. 

Then, think about how you want to hang your backdrop. You can use a gaffer’s tape which is a strong adhesive tape that doesn’t harm the surface it sticks on and doesn’t leave any residue when removed. It also doesn’t reflect light and it’s harder to see compared to other types of tape. Or, you can just buy a backdrop stand to make things easier.

Now, figure out what you want to use and incorporate on your backdrop. If you’re having a hard time deciding, you can use anything from ribbons, sequins, balloons, flowers, cotton, or just about anything you can buy from a craft store. Then, you can use a glue stick and paper tape or sometimes called washi tape to put them on your canvass. To give you an idea, you can arrange jumbo gold sequins against a black surface and it will be perfect for any fun party theme. 

You can also hang decorative elements on a clear string and let it hang. This creates a fancy, simple, and elegant backdrop that translates great in photos. For example, you can cut out circles from colored papers and arrange them like rainfall using a clear string. This will result in a confetti backdrop that is cheery and elegant. 

Or, you can take this up a notch and use 3D shaped decor instead of plain circles. Put this up against a solid colored background and you will instantly add color as well as depth to your photos. See, hanging your decors is certainly an easier option and they look great on pictures too. 

Other than sticking things to a canvass, it’s also great to work with fairy lights. This works perfectly with a plain colored curtain and it creates a colorful and beautiful backdrop that your guests or clients will surely love. And, you can position it and let it follow the shape you want with the use of tape and drawing pins or push pins. 

You can also add other elements outside the backdrop. For example, you can put plants in pots, flowers, balloons or even large beach balls on the floor, depending on what type of party it is. This makes a more unique and fun experience for your guests and clients. And, it adds a more realistic feel in your photos.