Must Have Photo Booth Inclusions You Should Look Out For

Why Hire a Photo Booth? 

Over the years, photo booths have become so popular that you will see one at every event you attend. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, engagement, university ball, school formal, or nightclub party, there is bound to be one present. And, there’s no wonder why as it is a great addition that ensures your guests a great time. It provides hours of entertainment and it allows everyone at your party to let loose and simply have fun. You will be surprised just how a photo booth can make even the quietest and shyest people you know act crazy and wacky in front of a camera.

But, other than entertaining, a photo booth can also provide your guests keepsakes that they can use to remember your event. By having printed photos of themselves, they can look back at your party anytime they want. Plus, giving them their own photo is a great alternative to your common event giveaways because they are less likely to throw them away.

You can also hire a photo booth for corporate events and use it as a marketing tool to build your brand. With your name and logo in every photo that will be printed, you can promote yourself and your event without doing anything. Your attendees will post their photos on their own respective social media accounts and share them with their friends and family. Free promotions for your business!

What You Should Look Out For

Now, if you are interested in hiring a photo booth for your upcoming event, remember that not all photo booth services are the same. They don’t always offer the same quality, customer service, and package offerings. And, to get the best out from your photo booth experience, here are the must-have inclusions you should look out for.

Backdrop – a backdrop or background not only make your photos look great but they can be part of your decors too. So, be sure to check out backdrop varieties or choose a green screen background to make sure it matches your theme and decorations. 

Personalized Photo Strip – the photo strip or template you choose will be on every printout from your event. Most photo booth businesses will allow you to include your name and logo. And, they will present you with hundreds of photo strips to choose from – which will certainly come handy as you can match the appearance of your photos with your theme. 

Unlimited Prints – ideally, you hire a booth to provide your guests with copies of their photos from your party. This means ALL of your guests. If you want to ensure unlimited fun and unlimited poses for everyone, make sure to hire a company that offers unlimited prints during the duration of the photo booth hire. 

Collection of Props – what makes a photo booth hire memorable is the amount of fun people have when posing in front of the camera. And, what makes it more special is the props present in each event. With a collection of props in a photo booth, your guests can act as crazy and wacky as they can be. And, they can fool around with funny hats, wigs, glasses, and many more. 

Attendant – having someone to assist your guests while using a photo booth is incredibly convenient. This way, you can make sure that no problems will arise. And, you can be at ease knowing that if there was an issue about the lighting setup or any part of the equipment, there is an expert just beside it who can fix and have it up and running again for your guests to enjoy. 

Copy of All Your Photos – all the photos that are taken at your event should be available to you after the event. Some photo booth companies provide you with a private link where you can easily download your photos over the internet. But, there are many who will hand over your photos to you through a CD or USB.

Online Gallery – uploading photos online can be a big bother for some people and if you’re one of them, having the photo booth company to do it for you is really convenient. Also, since you will have an online gallery dedicated to your event, you will have only one place for your photo booth pictures. No duplicates and no repeat uploads. 

Optional Add-ons

The items listed above are the most important inclusions your photo booth hire should have. But, to make your photo booth experience even better, you have the option to add a few things in your package. For one, you can request to have a totally customized photo strip design that’s made especially for your event. You can also add a photo album guest book where your guests can share their photos and write you a personal message. Or, you can make your guests feel like celebrities by adding a red carpet entrance complete with gold bollards.

Now, there are many more add-ons you can choose from, depending on the photo booth hire company you look into. Just prepare to pay more!