Choosing the Right Hashtag for Your Event and How to Use it with Your Photo Booth

Choosing the Right Hashtag for Your Event and How to Use it with Your Photo Booth!

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is any word or phrase that comes after the hash or pound symbol (#). And, it is typed without spaces, just like this one: #whatisahashtag. While it isn’t case sensitive, adding capital letters to every word makes it easier to read and understand #JustLikeThis. It is used on social media sites and applications to group certain keywords or phrases from any number of users. This allows you to keep track and engage with topics that you are interested in. 

With a hashtag, millions of people from different countries can come together and talk about the same thing. Thus, making it the perfect tool for promotions and boosting online conversation. This is the reason why global and local companies, brands, and famous personalities always use them. 

On a smaller scale, you can use a hashtag for your event too. Whether it’s a birthday, engagement, wedding, or a corporate event, having your own hashtag will certainly help you too. 

Advantages of Using a Hashtag Printer for Your Event

Hashtags – you see them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and practically just everywhere. But how can having one at your event help you? Well, for one, a hashtag can be extremely helpful for documenting your event. If you will use it from the beginning, you can show your friends and family how you planned for the event and what happened on the day itself. Plus, it makes looking back at your precious moments easier and more convenient as you only have to type your hashtag at the search bar to see the photos from your event.

With a hashtag, you are also allowing your guests to engage with your event even when they are not able to attend. And, you can encourage your guests to use the same hashtag. So, after your event, you can scroll through their shots, see their perspectives, and check out what they are saying about your party. 

Other than that, you can also use hashtags in your photo booth and backdrop. When your guests see the hashtag you are using, they would know where to find their photos. And, ideally, they would use the same in posting the photos they have taken. But, other than that, as an alternative to your traditional photo booths, there is a technology now called as “Hashtag Printing”. Your guests simply have to upload their shots on Instagram, tag or use your hashtag, and their photos will be automatically printed. Simple, fun, and interactive!

Social Media PhotoBooths are Perfect!

Through their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, your guests can instantly post their photos which has your company’s logo and hashtag. As a result, their followers will be aware of your brand, which in turn creates your social media presence.

Have you ever heard of a “social booth” before?

A photo booth with great backdrops not only ensures a great time for you and your guests but you are also widening your audience. It can help you put your custom brand and logo on hundreds of photos through a single event. Thus, you can spread your name and message faster.

To make it even better, you don’t even have to put too much effort to market your event. 

Creating the Right Hashtag for Your Event

The hashtag you choose for your event should be:

  • Unique:

    If you already have a hashtag in mind, check it with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If it has been used before, you have to change it. If not, then it’s all yours to use.

  • Short:

    There’s a 280 character limit on Twitter so having a long hashtag would give your guests a hard time trying to fit in what they want to say. Plus, long and complicated hashtags are easier to misspell and harder to remember.

  • Use Numbers:

    Adding numbers will certainly make your hashtag unique. See, there are certainly millions who will be using #MaryAndBen. But, you will probably be the only one who will use #MaryAndBen120319. You can use numbers that matter to you or use it as a reference to the date of your event itself. 

  • Memorable:

    It is easier for your guests to use a hashtag that they can remember. Complicated hashtags that are hard to figure out will be even harder to use when your guests want to talk about your event. So, try to make it memorable. 

  • Start with Your Name/s:

    If you are having a hard time figuring out which hashtag to use, you can start with your name/s. You can use your given name, last, or even your nickname. If it’s your wedding, you can put your names together. And, if you had a cute mash-up name your friends used to give you, then that’s perfect. See, this would make your hashtag more memorable and easy to use. 

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Get Punny:

    Creating your own hashtag is fun. You don’t have to make it serious. You can play with words, rhymes, synonyms, alliterations, and puns. Try to put in your witty personality or have someone you know help you brainstorm punny ideas for your hashtag. 

  • Avoid Easy Misspellings:

    If you have a hashtag in mind, read over it and check for ways it could be misspelled. For example, if you have something like #MaraAndDavid. There’s an obvious double “A” between “Mara” and “And” which could be mistakenly typed by your guests. So, consider changing it to #DavidAndMara instead.