Photo Booth Green Screen Experience

What is a Green Screen?

Green screen is certainly a fun and amazing technology. You can take your subject on top of Mount Everest, on the deserts of Egypt, or have them exist in a different new world. You may even make them part of the wizardry world of Harry Potter or have them join the icy walls of Game of Thrones. No matter where it is in the world, time, or dimension, with green screen your choices are limitless. 

Also called chroma keying, a green screen allows you to place your subject with amazing photobooth props in any background and setting. With just a bright green fabric or paint, you can separate the background from the person or people standing in front of it and replace it with pretty much anything you want. You can take them to places and sceneries they have never seen before. And, to make it even better, it’s not limited to movie making anymore.

In today’s time, you can use a green screen for everything. Other than for movies and television, you can now apply it to photography and photo booths as well. 

Photo Booths and Green Screen

As it is, photo booths are already great additions for any party. It offers hours of entertainment and fun for you and your guests. And, at the same time, it provides them a copy of their photos which can also serve as a keepsake to let them remember your event. But, if you add it with the green screen technology? You will be taking your photo booth experience even further. 

Just imagine, you can finally put the unicorns or dragons your child wanted to see on her birthday pictures. Or, you can use the view of the city where you met your husband or wife. See, instead of having balloons, a sparkling curtain, or a plain colored background, you can actually use any place and view with a green screen. Thus, you can make your souvenir photos more meaningful.

The photo booth green screen experience allows you to transport your guests anywhere in the world – and, sometimes, even out of this world. It is perfect for any theme you want and any type of party you are having. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a wedding, or a corporate event, you can ensure that a green screen can match it. And, with it, you can finally take your photo booth to a new and different level which your guests will surely appreciate and enjoy.

So, if you want something different to offer at your party, a photo booth green screen is definitely the way to go!

What Do You Need for a Green Screen Photo Booth?


Tempted to create your own green screen photo booth? Well, it is possible. Just have a camera set in place and plug it with your laptop. But, before you proceed, make sure to install a green screen software. They are easy to find, you simply have to search for one on the internet. Once you have studied the requirements or instructions on how your chosen software or application works, you can go on with your photo booth setup. 


Put a solid colored background in front of your camera, preferably green so you can easily change the backdrop or edit the photo later with a photobooth green screen software.Make sure this measures at least 6 feet X 4 feet or larger as this matches most cameras settings. Then, work on your lighting – which is as important as your solid colored background. Your chosen area should be well and evenly lit to avoid color discoloration and unwanted shadows. 


If needed, you have to adjust your camera’s setting, following your chosen app’s requirements. Work on your laptop and take a test shot. If everything is working properly, you should be able to change the background with your own photo. If not, check with the directions for your software and try again. 

Now, it may sound easy but believe us, it’s not. If there’s anything we have learned over the years of working with a green screen is that it’s never easy or simple. So, if your planned event is happening soon, we advise you to start figuring out how to make your camera, laptop, and green screen work together as soon as possible. And, to ensure you have everything covered because you would want to be able to fix any problem that comes your way during the event day itself. 

But, if you don’t really want to go through all that trouble, hire professionals instead. No worries, no problems, photobooth hire discounts and you can just have fun with the photo booth green screen experience!