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thanks for your purchase.. here’s what to do now. (*read carefully*)

Hey There,

Welcome.. I know you are excited.. Yes I get it!!

However, You’ve just purchased your photo booth from us.. you may have done this before or you may have not.. regardless, what you’re about to read is an essential checklist so that we can run our services effectively and to ensure you are going to have a good experience.

At the end of the day at this point of time, we have done our part – we have your main details, we know what backdrop you need – the rest is on you to ensure the below requirements are met.



All we ask is that you treat us like you know we are coming, well what does that mean?

We sometimes get clients who honestly act like they never even booked us! 

We also have some clients who have panick attacks when in reality, the worry was all in their head!

They don’t know where the photo booth belongs, they don’t provide a meal, they start panicking because they payed a deposit and they haven’t heard from us 2 months before the event.

Please expect and do the following prior to your event:

1) Expect to hear from us the week of your event. That means if your event is on the 7th of January we will speak to you from the 1st – 6th of January. We don’t require further information until then, please refrain from calling, messaging, emailing us question until it’s your turn (which means the week of your event). We have 10 photo booths, we usually book out around 8 and always have 2 spare.

2) Meals – if we are working at your event for 4 or more hours, we expect that food or drinks will be provided. Think about this, typically it takes us 1 hour to get to your event, 1 hour to setup your event 4 hours to work, 1 hour to pack down then 1 hour home… by the time we get home all that is open is Kebabs.. as you must understand, we are HUMANS too 🙂

3) Weddings – again, if you’ve paid for a wedding, you will be treated just like any other booking. If you require us to setup earlier, please read our FAQ guide that has been put together by 100s of Bridezilla’s around Melbourne (we love them) <3.

4) Any costs associated with parking that incur a cost of more than $25.00 will be automatically past onto the client. Please, if you know you’re booking is in a busy place (like the CBD) – provide clear instructions, venue details, venue contacts and more.

5) It is up to the client to provide all relevant booking information, again – please email us any relevant information, if you need us to contact your venue manager or event manager, that is OK – however leave it up to us to contact them the week of the event (not months before)

6) If your location is far from Melbourne, we may come up with custom pricing to cover our costs and the discount pricing will not apply.

YOUR EVENT day- WHAT YOU NEED TO DO & What will happen

Well, in the unlikely circumstance you have not heard from us.. contact us in the MORNING of your event (photoboothrentalmelbournes@gmail.com) send us and spam as many emails to us until you get a reply. 

We have NEVER had a booking that we have missed out on (however there was 1 time that it was close)… ‘___’.

Again, if you have heaps of questions, please refer to our FAQs page – however here are a few things you need to do and what to expect.

1) Please provide a trestle table and close by powerpoint.

2) Allow of at LEAST 3 x 3 metres in space.

3) Please have already decided where you want the booth (kindly & please don’t waste our time deciding – we have sometimes wasted 1 hour re arranging a room).

4) Please read our FAQs and email us if your answer is not there. We will probably then add your question and answer to it – we frequently updated it

5) Please understand, your booth is not some superhuman – most events run smoothly, however 1 out of 20 we can run into issues with technology – which means a cord can break or stop working, chargers stop working – there are many variables that may or may affect your photo booth. We are always on call and typically arrange any issues from 10 – 30 minutes. However likely event that your booth is down for more than 30 minutes we will extend your time or offer you a refund for any time lost.

6) We will decide to drop off the photo booth at a time that is convenient for us, if you’re guest start to use the photo booth before or after the agreed time – the photo booth time will start if there is 3 or more photos taken in that particular hour. For example if your photo booth starts at 7PM and we setup at 12PM.  If your guest take 3 or more photos from 5PM, we have the right to bill you extra time for the usage of the photo booth.

after eVENT day

You will receive a copy of all the files. If you enjoyed our services we kindly as you to leave a review 🙂